Car Auction Scams Revealed:
Find Out Which Membership Sites Will Take Your Money and Run!

Get a great Prius at a government car auction


Looking to save a lot of money by going to a car auction? Well, you've probably driven yourself crazy by now trying to find a car auction near you... by looking in the paper, surfing the web or just plain asking around. Which usually leaves you nowhere, besides wasting your time. Or, you can take the easy way out and save both your time and money by joining a car auction site. Which will give you instant access to dozens of cheap car auctions near you, that will save you $1000s on your next car.

Watch out though because there are a lot of car auction scam sites out there just waiting to rip you off with some of the following:

* Old listings
* Incomplete listings
* Automatic rebilling
* Inadequate customer support
* Sites that are here today, gone tomorrow
* Auctions that are nothing more than used car dealerships in disguise

Don't worry though because we've joined the most popular car auction sites around and have compiled a list of the top three. Each one has been found to be legit, with hundreds of auctions on file, frequent updates and guaranteed car auction listings in every state. So, check out the top 3 sites below and see what you think...

Top 3 Car Auction Sites


Save $1000's At Government Seized Car Auctions



Rating: gets 5 stars
Cost : $49.95 $39.50
Customer Satisfaction: Excellent

* Instant access to 100's of government car auctions
* Motorcycle, jewelry and house auctions
* Free car auction buying guide
Guaranteed car auction listings in every state
* 2 year - lifetime membership (no automatic rebilling) came out to be the best resource around when it comes to finding quality cars for $1,000s off their Blue Book value. Their auction list has cars that are in good condition and only a few years old. You can either choose a standard 2 year membership or upgrade to an unlimited lifetime membership, which includes several eBooks such as: 62 Proven Ways To Beat the Gas Monster and Car Care: Tips & Recommendations. They also have a free car search from recent auctions, so you can get an idea of how much you can actually save before joining.

The different types of auctions are all listed together by state, so it took a good minute to pick out the car auctions from all of the real estate, electronics, furniture, etc. auctions. But we really didn't mind because there were so many auctions to choose from and at least they're in alphabetical order for easy reference. Not to mention, emails are also answered within 24 hours, making our overall #1 pick.

Click Here To Visit the Official Gov- Site

Click here to join Car Auction Inc



$29.99 - $49.88
Customer Satisfaction: Excellent

* Bids as low as $100
* Cars, SUVs and Trucks for up to 90% off Blue Book value
* Seized boat, real estate, jewelry and electronics auctions
* 3 free auction and wholesale source ebooks
* 6 month - Lifetime membership (no automatic rebilling)



Car Auction Inc is visually appealing, in addition to being easy to understand and use.The different types of auctions are separated by type and state with their Comprehensive Car Auction Rolodex, making it easy to find exactly what you're looking for. 3 free auction guides are also included with the membership:  Wholesale Sources Online, 101 Auction Secrets Revealed and Auction Sources Exposed, which will give you an edge when attending your next auction.  

All e mails are answered within 24 hours by their helpful support staff. They also have an on-site search that gives you a taste of what type of cars are available at auctions near you, including info such as the make, color and starting bid. You can also check out their testimonial page just incase you were wondering how other people feel about their service. The only reason Car Auction Inc comes in second place is because they don't have nearly as many listings as Gov-Auctions. But, overall they still get two thumbs up.

Click Here To Visit the Official Car Auction Inc Site

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$69.95 $49.00

Customer Satisfaction: Average

* Bids starting at $100 or less
* Clean title vehicles with low mileage
* Seized car, truck, real estate and boat auctions
* Prices up to 95% off of retail value
* Lifetime membership (one time fee)



Although the site may look cheesy at first glance, don't let that fool you. Seize Cars has hundreds of 100% legit auctions with listings in every city and state. They also have seized/repo auctions with some of the hottest cars for lowest prices around. Since the cars were repossessed from their owners, you can get cars that are well maintained and in good condition for up to 95% off their retail value. The lifetime membership also includes listings for real estate, boat, jewelry, furniture, electronics, antique and sports memorabilia auctions, just to name a few.

The member's area is clean cut and very easy to navigate. So you can find what you're looking for in a matter of minutes. Although the membership is kind of pricey and lacks in car auction listings when compared to others, you still get a good amount of auctions with some of the lowest prices around, mostly due to the declining economy.

Click Here To Join Seize Cars Today!

How To Find Local Car Auctions Today

Saving Money On Your Dream Car Is Easier Than You Think... Did you know that everyday cars are sold for up to 90% off of their retail value at car auctions around the country to regular people just like you and me? Some even have bids starting at $100 and you don't have to be a car dealer to attend one.

Whether you want to pay thousands less than what you would at a used car dealership, need something to get you back and forth from school and/or work, are looking for a luxury car without the luxury price or just want to find a good, reliable car while being on a tight budget, attending a car auction sale is right for you. Finding one is the hard part...


Save Your Time and Money

You can pull your hair out trying to find a car auction in near you by looking in the newspaper, surfing the web or by just plain asking around, which usually leaves you nowhere. Or you can take the easy way out by joining a car auction site.

Without a doubt, this is the easiest and most pain free way to find a good car auction in your city. By becoming a member, you'll save yourself a headache by gaining instant access to info such as the name, address, phone number and website of several car auctions in your city/state.

All you have to do is select your state and pick an auction near you. You'll have the excitement and satisfaction of saving $1,000s on cars from Honda, Nissan, Acura, Chevrolet, Mercedes, BMW, etc.

Your friends will think you've gotten a raise or secretly won the lottery. People everywhere will never know you got such a cool car for way less than what they could ever dream of. No more taking the bus, bumming rides or secretly wishing you could afford a better car!



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